Venturing out

Day two… I ventured out for a short spell to acclimate to the standards of the local population. The weather was much kinder and rain looks to be on the horizon. The most common form of transportation seems to be a motorized wheeled vehicle. I would have assumed with advancement of technologies available that they would no longer be a non-renewable fuel source. I was incorrect it this assumption. There were a few individuals that were taking advantage of the cooler weather to go on what one individual referred to as a “stroll”. I believe that a stroll is a wonderful way of getting from one place to another in a leisurely manner… perhaps I will try this method of travel more often.

I believe I am blending in well as I was not approached in any hostile manner. Several individual with their young in tow seemed unaffected by my presence. Most species display protective and aggressive behavior when young are present. It was a pleasant surprise to observe a family unit playing on a human constructed structure seemingly dedicated for that purpose. Perhaps previous assumptions about the human species were incorrect. I will study this further at a future date.

Tomorrow I think I will venture into some of the buildings humans seem to enjoy gathering and resupplying in. It is never wise to expose a foreign presence to quickly or they may become suspicious. One such building I am intrigued about is a building containing art work. It will be a great instrument to learn about their culture I am sure. Art is a direct reflection of a species and their environment. I am curious to what I will find.


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