Settling in

This is my first contact. I’ve traveled quite a long time… but it will be worth it. It’s been a dream of mine to travel to Earth and be the first to interact with and document human kind. They are a strange species and mostly avoided as they are a fearful and easily influenced species. Earlier attempts of contact have resulted in failure. I will do my best to blend in and document what my findings are.

Currently I am choosing to reside in a small town at the base of popular geological formation. It is known as Mt. Shasta and has unique properties that attracts visitors from around the world (and apparently from around the universe). The natural surroundings are beautiful, but the season is warmer than previous documented. The temperature is barely tolerable. I will acclimate and venture out for further explorations soon. I am taking this opportunity to begin what human-kind calls a blog and research the computerized social component of this species. This is my first anonymous attempt to communicate.



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